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Karine's April Drawing Challenge

Draw something, anything, every day of April

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Karine's April Drawing Challenge: Draw something every day in the month of April.

Sounds tough! What do I have to do?
Draw. Something. Anything. Any topic. Any level of detail. Every day. For a month. And share it.

Sounds cool! How do I sign up?
Join the april_drawing community.
Link to this community in your LJ so that we can get as many people involved as possible
Post either your art, or a link to your art to the community every day in April, starting on Wednesday, April 1st, 2009.

Sounds simple! Are there any other rules?
Nope. Well, not really. It has to be creative drawing - from doodles and sketches to full fledged, detailed, CG graphics, on any subject. Stuff you would normally be drawing anyway counts (so, for those who do webcomics, that counts) but stuff you draw for your job doesn't. But it can be anything. I will post a different drawing exercise every day during the month of August for anyone who would like to use it. You may also post every day a scan or screenshot of work in progress, so for example you can post a series of thumbnail sketches one day, your sketch the next, inks after that, colours... if that's how the work flows from you. You can post only doodles all month, observational drawings, something straight out of your fevered brain, inking exercises, anything at all, so long as it's a piece of art that you did that day. It would also be really cool if you could look at other people's art and comment on a couple of other posts every day.

Also, for those of us still on dial-up or low speed internet connections, large files would be better placed behind links, or cut tags. To make a cut tag, you need to preceed your image with (lj-cut text="whatever you want this link to say"), and replace the parentheses with brackets. Close the tag with (/lj-cut).

ADDENDUM: Please label any art that reveals private parts of the anatomy as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and place them behind a thumbnail or an lj-cut.

I look forward to seeing all the art that will be made that month!