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Challenge 17

Let’s Dance

Today’s challenge is about portraying movement in characters, like you caught someone in mid shot, snapped a photograph at that crucial moment. The character (or characters) is in motion, and I said dance to mean anything from actual dancing to a fistfight to a jump or tumble or something to that effect. Basically, the character’s likely off balance. I want you to think about what’s happened before to cause this motion, and what will happen next, as you draw this challenge. 

If you choose to do it, of course. Mwaha and all that. 

Brain 'Splodie

Challenge 16

Holy moley, already halfway done with this month! (AAAAAHH!!)

Finish what you started

Today’s challenge is for you to dig up something you started drawing a while ago — nothing from this month — and to dust it off and finish it. Were you halfway into inks on something? Did you have a rough sketch you said you’d get back to when you had time? How about this drawing you thought you’d slap some colour on at some point? The challenge is to make time for that piece that you said you’d give more attention to. It deserves it, so go ahead and finish it.

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Challenge 15

The challenge for today is Stick Figures!

Fill a page with stick figure characters, exploring poses, actions, gestures, basically thumbnail drawings. Make as many as you are able. You can make them stick to a theme, or you can jump from one idea to another to another, or even do some people watching and take your poses from that

Ren Bodice

Challenge 14



Do you dream? Are there some magnificent beasts or weird happenings in your dreams? Do you fly, or fight with swords, or have a drink with a four-headed creature of some kind? Or are things so completely normal they make your awake time seem like a hallucination?


Draw up something you see in a dream, or if you don’t dream, you can create some form of dreamscape or dream creature.  


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Challenge 12

Nature Morte

This is an observational drawing challenge. A Nature Morte, as opposed to a portrait, is a drawing of things, not people. Often it’s a group of fruit on a dish, or a bunch of jars and pots on a shelf, even a Cornucopia or a single apple is a nature morte. You can take a bunch of stuff and place it on a table, and draw that amalgamation of props; you could also leave it to one thing, but really focus on how the light and shadow play on the figure of that single object (like an apple, say, or your iPhone, which can be a cool idea because you can draw what’s reflected on the screen).


Challenge 11

Draw like a child

I always love this one. Pretend you’re 5, and draw your family, say, or a car on the street, or a house, or something like that. Don’t forget that sun in the upper left corner, or maybe that rainbow in the sky and sheep clouds? Or maybe you’re just 2 and you’re barely managing to keep a solid hold on your crayons. Perhaps you’re twelve and you’re copying a picture from a comic book! Yeah, that’s it. Draw like a kid, and have fun with it! 

(and to the smartasses who say “I still draw like a kid”, I reply, “oh shush and just have fun already”.)

Bird's Nest

Challenge 9

All wet

Drawing a person soaked by the rain, or dripping from a dive in a pool, or nice and clean right from the shower, may seem like a simple idea, but translating wetness in drawings is not as easy as it seems. The challenge is to draw a character soaked, for whatever reason you want. The idea is to explore how the hair and clothing get weighed down by the water, how the water slicks the skin or fur, how a person’s attitude and acting are affected by being all wet. 

Have at it!

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Challenges 7 and 8

Sorry Guys for dropping the ball yesterday.
I was at an SCA event all day and was away from my computer until about 10pm my time.

Here are the challenges from yesterday and today.

Challenge 7
Once upon a time

Fairy tales are in fashion right now. Draw a character from a fairy tale, or a scene, or an important object from a story.

Challenge 8
Today is Draw a Bird Day. 

Yes, this is actually a “thing”. Look it up:

So that’s your challenge for today, folks! Draw us a birdie or three. Have fun!