Cindy (cinsangel) wrote in april_drawing,

Challenge 24

Unfortunately there was a SNAFU with tumblr so Challenge 23 was never published yesterday. Here's Karine's note:

The challenge for today (April 23) never got posted, so it’s simply put forward for tomorrow. Apparently queuing posts for later means not just the time it should be published, but the date as well. Sorry guys! I learn new things about tumblr every once in a while, and I hope to share this knowledge with you all as well. If you do “publish on…” rather than “publish now”, make sure you’ve got more than just the time. -_-;;

Challenge for the 24th should be showing up at 12:10. I’m going to sleep now. 

So here's today's Challenge!

Making it simple for you guys! Do some fanart today! 


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