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Challenge 21 and 22

Sorry again guys. I got hung up yesterday;

Challenge 21
FEET feet feet FEET

I think feet are more difficult to draw than hands. In large part, it’s because we don’t look at them as much as we look at our hands or faces or upper bodies, really. Very often, it’s because when we do see feet, they are encased in socks, boots, shoes, Uggs and the like, so we don’t actually have that much to refer to when it comes to drawing them. And that’s why they’re HAAAARRRRDDD. 

So that’s why the challenge is to draw feet from life. Draw your own feet, draw a model’s feet, place a mirror in front of your feet and draw their reflection, feet on the floor, feet in the air, pointed, flexed, toes splayed and bare, I sound like a Dr Seuss book now. 

Anyways! Draw feet. 

Challenge 22

The challenge is to draw a character at different ages. Young, then adult, then old, maybe ages in between, or if you’re low on time, pick an age you’re not used to drawing and do that.

Check out the tumblr here!


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