April 1st, 2007

2 brushes

"2 Brushes" - 0.2 mm pigment marker
5x8 Moleskine reporters notebook

I've decided that my April journal (my paper journal) will also be my april_drawing sketchbook that way I'll always be sure to have it with me. I'll be sketching and or doodling directly in pigment marker and uploading each day's result.

First Drawing!

My first drawing for the com this month!
It's been a fustrating day. And when I get fustrated I tend to draw these pissy looking fish women. So here we are!
Lets see how many fish women end up here this month. Hopefully very few.:)
shere khan

Polar Bear

I've been trying to get myself to draw for at least a half hour everyday but I always wuss out after about 3 days so here goes nothing. Maybe if I'm doing it with other people I can keep some sort of focus.

Couldn't be bothered to hook up the scanner today so decided to noodle around in photoshop instead from scratch. Its totally not finshed since I only had about 20 minutes for it but it is something for the day...

Polar Bear
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The first exercise(s) in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain are what the author calls 'pre-instruction' exercises - i.e. the 'before' of 'before and after' so that you'll have something to compare your later drawings to. They are to draw a self portrait, someone's face from memory, and your hand. My hand drawing is under the cut.
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Just boring ol' me

So I'm not off to a good start...

But then being home and with all the stuff that's going on I'm surprised I got to touch my book at ALL, honestly. *L*
So these got quick doodled at my grandparent's in between bouts of defrosting their freezer. Among other things. *rolls her eyes*

quick doodles

There's no story behind the one, I just wanted an excuse to try wavy hair, and pretty much failed. The other is just cute and pointless. Took forever and a lot of erasing, though. My eraser is my best friend. ;P
I haven't figured out my new camera yet and my mom has no scanner. Sorry.
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Hit a snag

I drew my image today, but didn't realize I had no ink!!! I planned on doing all my images inked, so I will post TWO tomorrow (provided I get the aforementioned ink from the store)

Proof I am not being lazy:


Day 01

I was the Emerald City Comicon selling books. I did a couple sketches for monies, and a some little doodles in books that I sold. At some point I did this, an ink drawing of Emily Dickinson.

The guy who won that superhero reality show asked me to draw a picture of him, but I didn't get a chance to.