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Challenge 28 and 29

Once again, sorry for doubling up on a Sunday..

Challenge 28
Redo an old drawing

The challenge for today is to take an old drawing of yours and redo it to the top of your current abilities. Just to see how much you’ve improved over the years, and see your progress. 

Make sure you post both drawings, the old and the new, in your submission, if you decide to take on this challenge!

Challenge 29
In itty-bitty drawing space

Take a Post-it, an index card, an ATC/ACEO, a bookmark, a small piece of paper. Cram it as full of stuff as you can manage. It can be characters, it can be a “Where’s Waldo?” type of image, it can be full of objects, it can even be abstract swirls of intricacy. Just fill that small space with as much material as you can fit in there. 

Firefly: Crazy

Challenge 27

Out Of Their Element

The challenge today is to take a character, yours or an established one, and to place them in an entirely different setting from what they usually live in. Like, say, putting Spongebob Squarepants in the Game of Thrones universe, or using your own medieval character in a contemporary setting, typing on a laptop in a coffee shop.

Fluffy..Distroyer of worlds.

Challenge 25

Off Hand Drawing

The challenge is simple enough: draw something, anything, but using your off hand. If you’re a lefty, use the right hand; righties, use the left. If you’re one of the lucky few who are ambidextrous… I dunno, use your foot or your mouth to draw. 

I like this challenge because it shows, in a way, that drawing is a mental process more than a hand one, and while your off hand is not as practiced as your usual one, your technique should be the the same. 

As a hint of help, try making mirror gestures of what your usual hand would do. Years ago my father damaged his drawing hand for months and had to work with his left hand to design his house plans, and he discovered that he was able to sign his name in a mirror motion to what his right hand would normally do. Once he figured that out, he would start his drawings from the opposite side of the page, drawing the lines going in the opposite direction to what he usually did, and it made his drawings a lot more recognizable by his crew of technicians. 


Challenge 24

Unfortunately there was a SNAFU with tumblr so Challenge 23 was never published yesterday. Here's Karine's note:

The challenge for today (April 23) never got posted, so it’s simply put forward for tomorrow. Apparently queuing posts for later means not just the time it should be published, but the date as well. Sorry guys! I learn new things about tumblr every once in a while, and I hope to share this knowledge with you all as well. If you do “publish on…” rather than “publish now”, make sure you’ve got more than just the time. -_-;;

Challenge for the 24th should be showing up at 12:10. I’m going to sleep now. 

So here's today's Challenge!

Making it simple for you guys! Do some fanart today! 


Challenge 21 and 22

Sorry again guys. I got hung up yesterday;

Challenge 21
FEET feet feet FEET

I think feet are more difficult to draw than hands. In large part, it’s because we don’t look at them as much as we look at our hands or faces or upper bodies, really. Very often, it’s because when we do see feet, they are encased in socks, boots, shoes, Uggs and the like, so we don’t actually have that much to refer to when it comes to drawing them. And that’s why they’re HAAAARRRRDDD. 

So that’s why the challenge is to draw feet from life. Draw your own feet, draw a model’s feet, place a mirror in front of your feet and draw their reflection, feet on the floor, feet in the air, pointed, flexed, toes splayed and bare, I sound like a Dr Seuss book now. 

Anyways! Draw feet. 

Challenge 22

The challenge is to draw a character at different ages. Young, then adult, then old, maybe ages in between, or if you’re low on time, pick an age you’re not used to drawing and do that.

Check out the tumblr here!

Ren Bodice

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The challenge is to draw a bit of story without using words. It can be a one panel gag or a page full of thumbnails in sequential format, or a comic, or something to that effect: the challenge of making it wordless means you really have to use body language, and if you like the challenge, camera position and angles in your art to convey the message you’re sharing. To your pencils, pens and styluses! (stylii?)


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Challenge 19

Abstract Expression

Take a moment to collect your thoughts, and just let go of figurative ideas. It’s time to give abstract art a try. Traditional, digital, doesn’t matter, just try to make something expressive.